About United for Saanich

Why are you running as a slate?
We all share a passion for being part of the solution to the many issues that we face in Saanich.

The past four years have demonstrated that it is not enough to simply elect candidates and hope there will be cooperation. Councillors must be pulling in the same direction for there to be genuine progress.

United for Saanich offers voters a clear choice: One that sets Saanich on a course to bring progress to the community.

Which political party are you affiliated with?
United for Saanich is non-partisan and its candidates are not beholden to any Provincial or Federal political parties. We all feel that Provincial and Federal politics don’t belong at the Municipal council table.

When did the slate form?
Kathleen, Cory and Ian have been keen to run for Saanich council for some time. As many Saanich residents already know, Mayor Atwell endorsed Councillor Harper in the 2017 by-election. Many discussions took place earlier this year, which has led to the formation of United for Saanich.

The group has already built a strong working relationship and Mayor Atwell is humbled by their confidence in his leadership.

Will you vote the same way on every issue?
The short answer is no. The United for Saanich candidates believe in every elected councillors’ right to vote however they choose.

We can’t predict how every member of council will vote on every issue, but share a common goal to move Saanich forward. We will achieve this by working cooperatively and respectfully with each other, our fellow council members, and most importantly, you.

Will council decisions occur without debate?
No. Council operates using Robert’s Rules and to end debate, a two-thirds vote of SIX councillors are required and cannot be ended by only five council members. Debate involves all members elected to council.

When will you release your platform?
Each candidate has specific focus areas based on their background and expertise, and United for Saanich will release their collective platform on Monday, October 1st. The platform will include a detailed action plan for addressing the major issues that matter to Saanich residents.

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