Your Candidate for Saanich Council and CRD

Meet Ian

My professional background is in communication. I’ve worked as a political reporter, Press Secretary to the Premier, Communications Director, radio host (CKNW, CFAX), conference organizer, and podcaster.

In all of my endeavours, my goal is to uncover the truth, bring information to light, and be a voice for those people or ideas that aren’t always at the forefront. This isn’t always easy, but I feel we have to question what we’re told and examine if there is a better way forward. This will undoubtedly be valuable in getting to the heart of issues that matter to Saanich residents.

With your support, I’ll ensure you have a voice at the Council table. It’s time for fair representation, honest communication, and accountability. I’m excited about what the possibilities will be for Saanich when we work positively together to make things happen.


How I'll help

Ian’s Focus Areas


Open, honest communication is the only way to honour the trust that voters put in their elected representatives. Anything less is unacceptable. If elected, I will ensure decisions are made in an open and transparent way, always respecting your opinion.



Results are achieved through doing what you say you’re going to do. Promises are only words until elected officials deliver on them, and integrity is following through on your commitments, every single time. I will hold myself to these standards by setting realistic goals and delivering meaningful results for Saanich residents.

Fairness for All

Saanich residents and businesses deserve to have their voices heard and their concerns addressed without pre-judgement or personal agendas at play. I will give residents a voice and ensure that matters are handled justly and efficiently for everyone’s best interest.


What Ian Stands For

Healthy Communities

One of my greatest passions is health. It starts with ourselves as individuals, but true health depends on a healthy community, and, in turn, a healthy planet. I’m committed to making choices that support a sustainable and healthy environment for generations to come.


Affordable Housing

We must find solutions to the housing crisis at every level. Homelessness needs to be addressed by looking at root causes and offering related supports. Housing affordability for working families and those trying to enter the market can be addressed through creative solutions.

Economic Growth

In order to provide a good quality of life for Saanich residents, we need sustainable economic growth. Long term thinking and considering the implications and effects for citizens is critical. Responsible budgeting and fairness to taxpayers are key to planning for our future.

Support Ian’s Campaign

Individuals may contribute a maximum of $1200 to a municipal election campaign. Eligible individuals are BC residents and Canadian citizens or permanent residents.

DONATE BY MAIL: Please make cheques payable to “Ian Jessop Campaign” and mail to:

620 Cook St. #3
Victoria BC
V8V 3Y7

DONATE ONLINE: Please visit http://paypal.me/IanJessop2018 to donate online.

Thank you for your support!

Meet the Other Candidates

Mayor of Saanich
Former iPod Engineer, Apple

A council that works well together can enact change meaningful together. With your vote, we will bring cooperation to the council table and bring progress to the community.

Kathleen, Cory, Karen and Ian are all highly experienced professionals and passionate about the issues we face as a community. We have all pledged to work together, with you and for you, over the next four years.

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Executive Director, Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary

I’m passionate about contributing to the community that I live, work and play in, and firmly believe that nurturing relationships strengthens our community.

If elected, I will offer leadership on environmental protection in Saanich. I will work with homeowners and the community to develop common-sense policies that protect truly environmentally sensitive areas in a responsible, considerate way.

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Past Senior Vice-President, BC Pension Corporation

I’m proud to have served on Saanich Council for the past year.  

We need to make Saanich more affordable for homeowners, renters and businesses. If re-elected, I will work to bring your taxes in line with the rate of inflation by improving operational efficiency. All stakeholders must be fairly represented, and we will address these challenges by working together.

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President, CBM Consulting
Ops Manager, Wingenback Inc.

In my experience as a business owner and operator, we all win when the public and private sectors work well together. If elected, I will support small business and encourage innovative solutions to address housing and transportation issues.

I will also work to ensure that Saanich is the best place for families, students and retirees to live. I’ll support initiatives that make Saanich healthier and more livable.

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